Get to Know: EDSAMAN

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

- Martha Graham


EDSAMAN is one of the communities in EDSA that provides space for the members to channel their inner artist in Saman, Aceh traditional dance. Learning Saman dance is fun. You can make new friends and get a chance to perform the Saman dance on many occasions. The examples are Festival Budaya, Shakesperior, and guiding the international students to practice Saman.

Before pandemic, EDSAMAN had a weekly training schedule on Friday from 11.00 AM until 1.00 PM. Here, you will train together with other members. But, during pandemic, the member training routine is held online. Don't worry if you are a beginner because the community will guide you. Another interesting fact is EDSAMAN not only for girls, but boys are also welcome to join.

You can keep up with EDSAMAN’s updates and activity through their Instagram on @edsaman. If you are interested to learn Saman dance and present one of Indonesia's cultural heritages at many events, you should join this community!


“Personally, joining EDSAMAN is a fun way to fill my free time and present Indonesian traditional dance to everyone. I could not dance at first, but after a few trainings, I could do it by myself! EDSAMAN also let me know upper-level students and add new relations. Even though my knees were sore after the routine training, it's all worth the experience.”


- Salsa, Person in Charge and Member of EDSAMAN