As an English Literature student in Universitas Airlangga, the students have to choose their own major that they specifically have interest in, such as Linguistic, Literature, and Cultural Studies. The placement of these majors will be taken in the fifth semester. If you are not in your fifth semester yet, you might be wondering which major suits you best. But don’t worry, guys! Our survey here will help you to understand more about each major. Let’s get started, shall we? 

We conducted the survey among batch 2017 students. Turns out, the majority of students choose Cultural Studies, followed respectively by Linguistics and Literature. We also find that most of the students made their own choices in choosing between the three, while others decide by taking people’s suggestions. When you have to make a choice, there must be pros and cons which lead to relief and regret, isn’t it? Luckily, most students are pleased with their major choices. So, you must think it through so you won’t regret your choice, fellas!

Talking about favourite subjects, Psycholinguistics, Language and Media, and Discourse Analysis are three favourite subjects from Linguistics. On the other hand, Semiotics and Contemporary Critical of Cultural Studies are the most favourite subjects from Cultural Studies. As for Literature students, their favourite is Advanced Theory of Literature (Pssst, do you know that CS students have to take the same course as well?).

So, to give you guys a general idea of what studying each major is like, we have picked out some opinions by batch 17:

“Studying Cultural Studies pushes me to care about my surroundings, which have their own positive and negative side. This makes me have to think critically. Also, I think Cultural Studies’ lectures are passionate about doing what they do.”

“Some subjects in Linguistics are fun! What I like about this major is how everything must be exact; no ambiguous answers.”

“In Literature, I get to know so many revolutionary authors. Because of that, I got many ideas and references, specifically associated with social fields. However, sometimes I’m not ready to face the subject material. The main point is don’t forget to study, trust yourself, and accept all of the materials you’ve gotten.”

“Linguistics teaches me to see something clearly, especially little things.”

“Cultural Studies’ subjects open our minds up. As a student, I have to think out of the box and up to date.”

“Luckily for me, I took Prose II when I was in the 5th semester, so I don’t get surprised when getting an assignment about a novel analysis in Method class. It’s better to take the subject in that semester since it will be helpful for you.”

“Choose the major with your heart! You should listen to your heart carefully. You must be sure about your choice. Remember, the one who knows you best is yourself.”

For students who have an interest in language and its structure, we suggest you to choose Linguistics. Literature is better for those who like reading a book or other literary works. Then, if you are interested in analyzing the social and cultural phenomenon, a music video, and a movie, Cultural Studies is perfect for you. All three majors will deal with a lot of analysis. All of them have their fields to analyze. For instance, Linguistics students can analyze movies, advertisements, and phenomena using a language perspective. On the other hand, Literature students will analyze literary works such as poetry, novel, or short stories. Similar to Linguistics, Cultural Studies students can also analyze movies, advertisements, social phenomena, etc; though, it will be analyzed through a cultural perspective.

Hope this article helps you to decide your interest! Good luck!
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