EXPOSURE Among Humanities Faculties' Residents

EXPOSURE is a photography lover community that stands under the auspices of the English Department Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University. The community that was formed in 2017 has been growing and successfully produce members who are experts in the field of photography. EXPOSURE emerged as a forum and as a facilitator for students of the Faculty of Humanities to further explore the talents they possessed in photography.
What is interesting for the members of EXPOSURE is that when the English Department Student Association (EDSA) has an event, automatically the selected EXPOSURE members will get a free pass to become a documentation team. For example at the 2019 RICE event (Ramadan In Charity with EDSA). During the RICE 2019 event, the selected EXPOSURE members documented the whole events.
In addition, during the new management period, EXPOSURE succeeded in attracting 60 new students at the 2019 Bradanaya community display. EXPOSURE has also held 3 photo discussion meetings and 1 large photo hunting. With this activity, EXPOSURE members can get to know one another and add insight into photography.
Behind the success of this year's EXPOSURE, there are certainly obstacles. Lack of awareness of members at each discussion meeting is still becoming a major problem. In addition, members' schedules sometimes collide with one another so that they can not come as full team members. Our hope for EXPOSURE in the future is that more members will come in every EXPOSURE activity.