A Sneak Peek of EDSA Students’ Activities During Quarantine

Hi everyone! We hope you stay healthy during this COVID-19 outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily life, such as the way we study, socialize, and also our habit. Some of us may be wondering about EDSA students’ activities other than studying, but don’t worry about missing the information. Here, we will give you some updates about EDSA’s communities and projects during the quarantine!

Starting with EXPOSURE, a photography lover community, the community is doing an event which engages people to post a photo on Instagram using the tag #DiRumahBarengExposure. Everyone is allowed to participate, even if they are not a part of EDSA. The purpose of this event is to get rid of boredom. The photo itself is required to be taken at home.

 Photo by : Safira P. M. (2017)

Another story comes from ECC, our English Conversation Club. On April 25, the community held an online meeting discussing activities during the outbreak and movies. The members talked about learning a new hobby as a result of staying at home all the time. People tend to be lazy at home, however, some of ECC’s members take advantage of the outbreak to create a new hobby and exercise (push up, sit up, plank, etc). Another discussion is about a movie director named Quentin Tarantino. To give you an understanding of his work, ECC has recommended some movies directed by him, for instance, Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, and his new movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Other communities such as EFS and EDSAMAN can’t hold any meetings for the moment because of the pandemic since both of them require physical activities.
Kill Bill (2003) Movie Poster

RICE, SHAKESPERIOR, DATE, and E-NITE 2020 are still run by their committees. The recruitment of committees for the three events is similar to the preceding years, yet the only difference is the registration and interview process is done through an online meeting. RICE 2020 is being postponed until a good day is coming. It’s sad to say it’s been postponed, but the most important one right now is everyone’s safety. On the other hand, SHAKESPERIOR, DATE, and E-NITE 2020 are still in progress to discuss those events. The committees also utilize the internet to meet virtually.

Online Interview for DATE 2k20's Project Officer

The last message we want to say is #StayAtHome and think positively that we can get through the COVID-19 outbreak together. Let’s hope that this pandemic will end soon so we can meet again!

“Quarantine has affected me deeply. I’m not sure about what to hope and do anymore. Above all, we’re in this together. Let’s hold hands and move forward.” -Darien Theodric

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