EFS is a futsal sports community which is under the auspices of the Department of English at the Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University. This community has been established since 2012 and continues to grow until now. EFS is a community whose purpose is to provide a place to develop their skills in sports, especially futsal.

So far, EFS has conducted routine practices that are held every 2 weeks. In addition, EFS has also participated in several events and competitions, including the Dekan Cup and Shakesperior. The Dekan Cup itself is an annual event organized by the BEM Faculty of Humanities. Not only futsal competition, but Dekan Cup also organizes basketball, Ludo, Badminton, etc. In addition to the Dean Cup, EFS has also participated in Shakesperior. Shakesperior is an annual event organized by BPH EDSA.

Participation in EFS will help members to get used to working in teams. However, the lack of awareness of the members in timeliness has become a problem. Many members who came at the wrong time, and asked for permission at the last minute. We hope all members of EFS in the future has the awareness that EFS is a part of them, and that they belong to EFS.