Uncovering the Depth of Entrepreneurship with EDSA Students

(from left to right) The speaker Dewi Sri Kuswartiningrum, Dyan Putri Rachmawati, and Ezra Yamin

Entrepreneur Career Seminar is an event held by Research and Development Division Board Committee of English Department Students’ Association held on Monday, September 23rd 2019. This year Entrepreneur Career Seminar invited Dewi Sri Kuswartiningrum, Dyan Putri Rachmawati, and Ezra Yamin as the speakers. Each speaker has their own theme, Dewi Sri Kuswartiningrum with Passion to Career, Dyan Putri Rachmawati with Career Development, and Ezra Yamin with Entrepreneur Importance.
Dewi Sri Kuswartiningrum has a business and career as a Make-Up Artist (@dewismakeupartistry). She gives an explanation about Passion to Career in which she explained the importance of passion in starting a business. That passion can be one of the backgrounds in starting a business.
            Meanwhile, Dyan Putri Rachmawati, who has a business in the culinary field (@dy.kebab) explained about Career Development in which she develops her business using help from Career Development and Entrepreneurship Centre Airlangga University. Due to her hard work, her business is now successful. Now, she has her own outlet and franchise in Surabaya.
            The speaker Ezra Yamin who has a business in the field of clothing (@pamora.sub). He explains about Entrepreneur Importance illustrating the importance of relations in Marketing Mix. Things such as promotion and product creation process can be easier with help of a relation. The speaker also gives a quote from Nadiem Makarim, who said “Focus on the problems that people are experiencing in the field”.

The participants of EDSA Entrepreneur Career Seminar

The speakers also gave tips and tricks on how to start a business and how to face the obstacles and challenges when running a business. They informed the things that need to be known before and in running a business. The speakers also explained the importance of time management and priorities while doing business while still in college.
            The participants of the seminar learned and gain the answers to their questions during the question and answer session. That was a session where they can get an answer and explanation to their questions related to the business run by the speakers.
            By inviting students from English Literature batch 2016 as the speakers who already had a business alongside while fulfilling their study as a college student, the participants of Entrepreneur seminar acquire new knowledge and information that is useful for those who wanted to start a business while still in college or after they graduate from university.