English Nite 2018

English Nite (E-Nite) is an annual play from English Department Students’ Association of Universitas Airlangga. The play was held at Balai Budaya Surabaya on 14 December 2018. In this year, psychological thriller was chosen as the genre of the play entitled Ephemeral. Ephemeral means lasting for a very short time. What makes this event more special is, this event was supported by Dharma Wanita Surabaya. For the opening, the audience was given a special music performance by Adelina and Gregory.
Ephemeral tells about Elizabeth Perkins, a lonely girl, who was approached by five people, Lucas, Tiffany, Lace, Kelvin, and Carla. She was skeptical at first but then feels like she clicks with them especially that one boy, Lucas, who slowly awakens her feeling towards the existence of love. School that to her before was hellish due to all the bullying done by the infamous Taylor, Thea, and Theo, becomes a little bit better because of her new friends.

However, Jason Ross, who is Elizabeth’s childhood friend and also a psychiatrist, feels that El is in her phantasm. Jason vows to help El get out from her illusion world. Day by day, Jason helps El through consultations and reminds her to consume some sort of medicines to heal her, on the other words to cut off all of her “imaginary” friends. At the end of the story, it turns out that El couldn’t hold any longer of her feelings. She cannot live without all of her friends. She took some pills and consumed it at one time. Jason came and found that El has passed away. Here comes the plot twist; El was only in Jason’s mind. El and her entire surroundings were not exist. The end of the play shows that Jason ended up in an asylum.

The event started from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Served with intense scenes and a glimpse of joke, this play was successfully filled with applause from the audience. The end of English Nite 2018 entitled Ephemeral marks the end period of BPH EDSA UNAIR 2018.