Airlangga Education Expo is an annual educational exhibition held by Universitas Airlangga which targetted to be attended by all groups, especially high school students. This exhibition aims to provide information about Universitas Airlangga, including all of the faculties. Starting from February 15, 2019, the event was opened by the Governor of East Java, Ms. Khofifah Indar Parawansa who is also an alumnus of the Faculty of Science and Social Sciences of Universitas Airlangga. The program was very lively for three days. Not only was attended by a number of important people, but the event also provides a lot of information and knowledge.

This year, AEE collaborated with one of the private TV channels in Indonesia, Kompas. This media invited us all to spread the news about Election Day which will soon take place in April 2019. In addition, AEE was also enlivened by the arrival of Airlangga Chancellor, Mr. Moh. Nasih by filling out the talk show around the world of lectures. Not only him, but AEE also brought various experts from many different fields to fill out the talk shows that could motivate students. Other than that, AEE was very memorable because of the attendance of two well known Indonesian artists: Wizzy (Indonesian female singer) and Fadli (Vocalist of Padi who is also an UNAIR alumnus) .

All the crew from each faculty were trying to display and decorate their stands in total. This was used to attract visitors who came the exhibition to stop by and seek information about the faculty. Besides, on the last day, there was also a coronation held for the best booth which was given to the Postgraduate Faculty of Airlangga University. Under the command of Dio Prasetio, the Chair of the Postgraduate Faculty Organization, this booth was claimed as the grandest and most playful booth.

According to Dio, this year's AEE was magnificent and lively because it was able to attract and educate a lot of people who have visited the event. Dio and his friends from the Postgraduate Faculty used the Californian Texas as their booth's theme. According to them, the theme was chosen because of the meaning behind Californian Texas which is free and playful. Starting from a photo booth where visitors can take pictures, the prices will be given to them who posted the picture on Instagram with the most creative caption and epic review on the Postgraduate Faculty's official Instagram account. Their booth was equipped with various game spots. To be able to play the game, the only requirement for the visitor is to register at their official website and follow their official social media account. Playing archery and spinning wheels on their booth was amusing. Of course, visitors who played got various merchandises such as umbrellas, glasses, clothes based on the points they get, and also cash if they're lucky.
Last but not least, the exhibition was a success for both the committee and attendees. AEE definitely upgrades and ups their game every year depending on the feedback they get for each year. Hopefully, the success of this exhibition will be able to invite more attendees in the later years to come. We enjoyed the time we have spent for three days there!