Let's Talk about EDSAMAN

"Express your love. Share your enthusiasm.
Dance and sing to your music.
Make today worth remembering." 
―Steve Maraboli
 Hi, EDSA! It's time to share about another EDSA's pride; EDSAMAN!

EDSAMAN is one of the four communities in EDSA founded in 2011. Combining the words ‘EDSA' and 'saman’, this community aims to facilitate and give opportunity for EDSA members to develop their talents, or to fulfill their hobby in traditional dance, especially “Saman” dance. Apparently, EDSAMAN has attracted many members from all batches of English Department to join the excitement of performing the traditional dance from Aceh. Learning saman dance is fun and challenging at the same time, as each dancer must do the fast and energetic moves without losing the harmony among all the other dancers.

Anyway, EDSAMAN has performed in many big events.  The most recent event EDSAMAN performed at was SHAKESPERIOR 2018, EDSA’s annual Dies Natalis celebration. SHAKESPERIOR presented a chain of events, and EDSAMAN got the opportunity to entertain the audiences at the closing party on October, 27th 2018. Indeed, it was not the first time for EDSAMAN to perform in this event. The members who performed in SHAKESPERIOR 2018 are from batch 2017 and 2018.
EDSAMAN performing at SHAKESPERIOR 2018
What's more interesting about EDSAMAN is that it is not for the girls only. Although it is mostly performed by girls, in fact, the boys also took part as EDSAMAN members. Hence, there is no particular requirement to become a member of EDSAMAN. EDSAMAN is always open to welcome anyone who is interested to learn Saman dance. For those who want to join EDSAMAN, you can join the weekly practice on every Friday at 11.00 PM until 13.00 PM at W. S. Rendra Room, Faculty of Humanities. For more information you can contact our person in charge Elysza, via line at elyszar (Line id).

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