We Got A Guest - Welcoming GEMASI Universitas Padjadjaran


On November 17, 2018 EDSA got the honor to welcome a delegate of fellow English students from GEMASI (Gelanggang Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris) Universitas Padjadjaran. More than 30 Gemasians visited EDSA Unair to have comparative study and to establish relationship between the two organizations.

The event was started with opening speech from Maitsa (2015), Chief of EDSA, and Jihan, Chief of GEMASI. The next agenda was presentation session to introduce each organization. As the host, EDSA presented first to show the divisions in EDSA and its job descriptions, the annual events, and the communities. Next, GEMASI also presented about their organization and the divisions in it. What’s interesting about GEMASI is that they name the reigning executive board, and it is called Cabinet Refugio. The name of the cabinet shows the aim of the executive board. Refugio means home, exactly like their aim to make home for Gemasians.

Afterwards, group discussion was conducted in order to exchange ideas between EDSA and GEMASI. Three big groups was formed through random counting, so EDSA and GEMASI blended without particular sorting. The topic is about ‘Enhancing English Students’ Achievement’. From the discussion, both EDSA and GEMASI agreed that English students have so much potentials, but it requires full support from department and faculty to enhance more achievements. However, students’ association is ready to facilitate and deliver the advocacy regarding this subject. Other than discussing the topic, the forum also shared about the problem faced by each organization and how they overcome it. After that, two representatives of each group, one from EDSA and one from GEMASI, shared the result of the discussion.

Finally, the event was closed with group photo in front of Faculty of Humanities Universitas Airlangga. After all, it was such an insightful day with GEMASI UNPAD.

For the video, click the link below:


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