Shakesperior 2018, Great Escape: Movie Traverse

First and foremost, Happy Birthday EDSA!

13 November 2018 marks EDSA’s 29th Anniversary since it was first established in 1999, quite a long journey, isn’t it? Anyway, EDSA indeed has held a chain of fun events to celebrate this important time. Shakesperior is the name of the celebration of English Department Students’ Association Dies Natalis. The name is derived from English Literature prominent figure Shakespeare and the word superior. However, this year’s Shakesperior took the theme about movies where every event is related to popular movies. The celebration consisted of five major events; EDSA League, Scholar Competitions, Chief of EDSA Election, Rap Session, and Closing Party: Synchronize.

Shakesperior started with EDSA League, a futsal competition between batches that was held on 9-10 September 2018. The futsal competition was joined by EDSA students from batch 2018 until 2015, which allowed fun matches between each batch. Unlike the usual futsal competitions which are only participated by males, EDSA League is a bit different as there were matches for female students as well. It was a perfect time for EDSA students to bond with each other, as each team had their own supporters to cheer up the matches.

Next, Shakesperior continued with Scholar Competitions: English Debate, Story Telling, English Olympic which was participated by senior high school students from all over East Java. There was also Futsal Tournament which invited senior high school and university students from East Java as well. The scholar competition was held on 15-16 September 2018 in Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga. Fun fact, this year’s Shakesperior is the first time in EDSA’s history to succeed in holding competition participated by high school students from East Java! Yay!

After the scholar competitions ended successfully, Shakesperior continued with EDSA Election to decide who would be the Chief of EDSA 2019. First, it began with Fit and Proper Test, then it continued with Debate, and finally the Election Day on 17 October 2019. 

Besides, there was also another fun event in October: EDSA Games. This year, EDSA games consisted of three games; Werewolf, Scrabble, and Ranking 1. Again, the games invited each batch from 2015 to 2018 to have some fun among the hectic days of college. What a time full of laughter!

Another annual event of Shakesperior was Rap Session, held on 22 October. It was an open forum for the lecturers and students, in which they discussed the problems in EDSA. The students were also allowed to give critics and suggestions for the department. The system were questions and answers, and the result was shared to all EDSA members through EDSA's official accounts. By conducting this forum, EDSA wishes to find solutions of the problems in department level and to improve the quality for future times.

Each event of Shakesperior was held successfully and should therefore be closed greatly. Shakesperior closing party was held on 27 October 2018, coming with ‘Synchronize’ as the theme. Synchronize here means collaboration between music and movie to make enjoyable atmosphere. The decoration of the venue was inspired by drive-in cinemas where we can watch clips of movies on a screen projector, while listening to the soundtracks of the movies played by the guest stars. It was an entertaining night where everyone could hang out and eat with their friends while watching performances by EDSAMAN, Dance FIB, Plannel Band, and many more. The closing party ended with fireworks to highlight the climax of the event.

Overall, Shakesperior 2018 ended with a great success and left a precious memory in our hearts. We hope to see you all in Shakesperior 2019 next year!

EDSA, it's our home!