EDSA Company Visit 2018: A Peek into Jawa Pos Headquarters

Yeay! It is a good day to tell you that Company Visit 2018 has been finally done! This was a very fresh experience to visit a place where we were free from lectures, quizzes, and  exams. Moreover, that was a place each of us will be living with, namely career-life. That is, where we earn money, meet deadlines, deliver our best work, and such.

The members of BPH EDSA were more than lucky to have the chance as the pioneer participants of Company Visit 2018. On 16 October 2018, EDSA had an honorable opportunity to visit Jawa Pos headquarters. For your information, Company Visit is the continuity for Webinar (Web-Seminar), an online seminar that was held by EDSA last June using Whatsapp as the platform. 

In Jawa Pos, we learned a lot with friends from International University of Semen Indonesia. We made a forum in a big round table that is usually used as the place for any meeting. There were two speakers in our visit, both are the journalists of Jawa Pos Surabaya. They shared anything about newspaper in general, especially the workplace along with the organization in Jawa Pos. Everyone was excited to learn the news-making process right from the experts. 

After the presentation, a session of discussion was opened. Some questions appeared and we had a fun discussion before the agenda ended. Finally, we took pictures together in front of the replica of throphy that Jawa Pos had successfully achieved. It was a great day filled with new ideas and insight! Hopefully such event can be conducted again in the future with other career fields.

EDSA, It’s Our Home!