Let's Talk about EFS

EDSA Futsal Society, also known as EFS, is one of four communities in English Department Students' Association of Universitas Airlangga. These communities aim to facilitate and give an opportunity for college students of EDSA to develop their talents, or simply to fulfill their hobby and passion in futsal. There is no particular requirement to be the member, so anyone in EDSA who loves futsal can join EFS. Founded in 2012, now EFS has grown a lot members from all batches, counted since it was first established.

Anyway, the very idea of EFS not having any requirement to be the member is because it is an open community, so that anyone from EDSA may join to play futsal, or perhaps to improve their skill with their colleagues. However, for any member who wishes to be serious in futsal, EFS facilitates them with a specific training for upcoming matches or tournaments. Up to now, EFS has already joined 2 major tournaments in the regional of East Java, and surely will be looking forward to participate in more events.

EFS's weekly training routine

As EFS has become one of the most favored community in EDSA, especially for the lads, EFS is always open anytime an EDSA member interested in joining the community. For those who want to join EFS, you can simply come to our weekly training routine on every Monday at 6 to 8 pm. For more information, you can contact our person in charge Zulkifli, via Line at dozufird (Line id).

We are ready to welcome you in our club!😄