Let's talk about ECC

ECC is an abbreviation of English Conversation Club. The original purpose of this club was to encourage people to speak English bravely and, of course, to train them on how to speak English correctly. As time goes by, the purpose of ECC has started to change; it doesn’t stop on encouraging people to speak English, but now it develops into more critical purpose―to train and push people to think critically. In ECC itself, there are three main courses that might help its members to speak English bravely and to think critically, which are:
1.      Discussion time (DT)
Just like the name, DT members may state their opinions, arguments, and perhaps some advices or solutions toward a certain problem or interesting topic. Hopefully, DT may help students to see anything through various perspectives as well as to develop objective mindset.
2.      Movie time (MT)
Other than having discussion through the whole meeting, sometimes ECC also conducts Movie Time, where the participants will gather and watch certain movie together. Afterwards, they will discuss about several aspects from the movie. It is practically similar with DT, except that MT uses movies as the discussion object.

3.      Game time
If you think ECC only deals with serious talks, you are totally wrong! We intend to provide a fun platform to speak out your ideas, so we are about to have a lot of fun indeed!

So, those are the three main courses of ECC. In addition, today ECC is available for all students from Faculty of Humanities, including its four majors; or to put it in a simple way, everybody can participate in ECC. Up until now, with 43 members from all majors in Faculty of Humanities as counted from the beginning of the semester in August, ECC has done several meetings with various issues as the discussion object.

ECC is held fortnightly on the second and the fourth Thursday of the month at 3 pm, American Corner Universitas Airlangga. So, if you are interested to be part of our club, you can join us right in our regular meetings.

Let's come and join the excitement, guys!