Ride the Waves, Rule the Sea - It's DATE 2k18!

This year’s September is not like any other September. Because, it’s time to dive into the sea called EDSA!

On September 1st-2nd 2018, EDSA’s annual orientation program namely DATE (Days with EDSA, or previously known as Gathering Night) was held. The event was held to give the new family members–the freshmen–insights about campus life in EDSA. It was very important for them to join the program, as not only they could know their ‘home’ better, but it was also meant to develop stronger bond between freshmen, seniors, and alumni. Actually, DATE would not feel like any other orientation program, because, you know, it was a date!

The start of the ‘diving’ was on Saturday, September 1st 2018. The first activity was Share to Care (STC), which was intended to introduce EDSA as a big family that has many successful members. In STC, EDSA alumni shared their experience when they were still active in EDSA, as well as when they graduated and faced the real world. It helped the freshmen to ease their anxiety about being English Department graduate in the future. Afterwards, there were also activities called CARAKA and Organization Life Training (OLT) to provide more information about EDSA and the organization life.

CARAKA was an activity which focused on EDSA’s history. The freshmen could get to know more about BPH EDSA, the divisions, the achievements, and the people behind EDSA’s glory. Meanwhile, Organization Life Training (OLT) gave insights of organization life and how to conduct EDSA’s annual events. Here, the freshmen were trained to explore their creativity by making an outline of EDSA’s events and presenting it in front of all the participants. Hence, the program might give them idea about EDSA’s events and they might eventually join them.

After all the sharing time, Games was a perfect choice to end the first day of the diving. All of the participants, including seniors and alumni joined to have some fun. They played some water games, so that everyone could feel the sea vibe. There were Human Knot, Marble in the Pipe, Tallest Paper Building, Blow the Ball, and many more. Other than to have fun, the games were also meant to remind them about teamwork, patience, strategy, and other skills that will be needed in campus life. So, in one activity, they got the fun, the bonding, and the values!

The second day was started with morning exercise. Everyone enjoyed the exercise with up-to-date songs and fun instructions. After all participants got the sweat, the next activities were Perkenalan Senior Junior (PSJ) and Campus Life Training (CLT). Because there were so many seniors that EDSA have, DATE made certain activity for the freshmen and the seniors to get to know each other. In PSJ, both the freshmen and the seniors could ask about anything, such as EDSA in the past, EDSA at the moment, each other’s struggles, and so on. These activities also aimed to expand the freshmen’s network.

In the meantime, Campus Life Training (CLT) focused on campus life and what students need to be aware of. The material was presented by EDSA alumni and lecturers. As a freshman, it takes time to adapt with campus life and its struggles. In CLT, the freshmen could share their campus life problem such as time management, making friends, facing lecturers, etc. Then, the alumni and lecturers gave them solution and tips so they would not get confused and stressed out anymore, especially for students from outside Surabaya.

The peak of DATE was Reflection and Initiation. It was such a quiet and solemn time. The freshmen were asked to reflect on themselves and others, about what kind of person they want to be in the future. While in Initiation, it was time for the seniors and alumni to officially welcome them to EDSA UNAIR. All of the seniors and alumni gave EDSA pin to the freshmen, to represent that since then, EDSA’s future depends on all of us, including the freshmen. To make it fun, the senior and alumni blew orange-colored holy powder to the freshmen, continued with singing EDSA Hymn together. It was such a touching moment, and indeed, memorable to everyone.

After all, DATE was not like any other orientation program. The seniors wanted the freshmen to get the ‘dating’ vibes, like getting excited to meet new people, growing interests in them, and getting attached with each other by heart. Also, once they dive into the ‘sea’, they will stay there and explore as deep as they can. And when they come out, they will not forget the fun and memories they have in the ‘sea’. Because the ‘sea’, EDSA, is our home. Finally, we hope that the efforts to get to know each other will not vanish easily and will last, even after DATE.

DATE 2K18, Ride the Waves, Rule the Sea!

EDSA, it’s our home!