Kartini in Their Own Ways


by Ahmad Syahid Evanda

She is fragile
Delicate and old
Older than years ago
She is the one who want you alive

She is the one who bear your born
She is the one who breed you

Wicked smiles
Sound of a tap on her booty
An insulting now you see

A question you had been asked
An answer been hidden
Where the hell is father
And you are a mystery of your question

You wonder about your father
She said it'll be vain
Illegitimate child
Who you blame?

men's stick had inside her
she's a whore
she bears you on her womb
Until you were born

And the son of a whore is allowed to live
Every whore is a mother
When she realized
And she is.

Indeed, all mothers are heroes, and all women can be Kartini in their own ways. Go find yours, ladies! 
Happy Kartini's Day!