Upgrading 2018: A Fresh Beginning

“Coming together is the beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.”
―Henry Ford

So this is our beginning: Upgrading 2018!

Upgrading is how BPH EDSA starts the new term by getting to know each other and setting the same goals. However, the main goals of this year’s upgrading are to tighten the bonds between all BPH members from different divisions, and to avoid common problem in an organization―miscommunication and wariness between the new members. An organization can run well if the members can communicate and share every problem in it.

The event was held on March 24-25 in Tirta Alir Villa, Pacet, Mojokerto. They headed to the Pacet in the morning and shared jokes along the way. Upon arriving, the sceneries made the joyful trip more worthwhile; hills, rice fields, and fresh air, such a nice place to have fun with others!

The activity was begun with the opening speech by Daniel (2017), the Project Officer of Upgrading 2018, and Maitsa (2015), the Chief of BPH EDSA 2018. Then the members had mini game Bingo 9.0, in which they wrote their favorites about college in nine boxes and went to find their matches. In the end of the game, they acknowledged each other’s interests, whether they share the same interests, or else they learned to respect the differences.

The next activity was sharing time about EDSA as an organization as well as a family. The main speakers were English Department Lecturer, Mr. Pujo Sakti Nur Cahyo, and former chiefs of EDSA; Fikri Alghufron (2012), Antariksa (2013), and Rio Satria (2014). The topics were “Why Self-Management is Important”, “Why Teamwork is Important”, and “How to Do Proker”. At night, Heart 2 Heart with EDSA was held to allow each divisions to gather and share with the members. They talked about their impressions, feelings, and problems during the first few weeks of the service, so they can manage to improve the teamwork for the next projects.

For the second day, the agenda is all about having fun with all BPH members. They started the day by doing simple exercises in the front yard. Afterward, they gather in groups to play games Water Relay Race and Get Along by Walking, so that togetherness and teamwork were built in an exciting way. Laughter filled the day and everyone was happy.

Finally, the event was closed with Anonymous Letters to state the members’ impressions to each other. In the afternoon, they went back to Surabaya, tired and pleased at the same time after having two memorable days in Pacet. Thanks to BPH members, especially from batch 2017, who had successfully conducted the event. Hopefully, we can maintain the joy, togetherness, and teamwork as BPH EDSA 2018.

EDSA! It’s our home!