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Stoicism: The Never Gets Old Pillar of Life

In a hectic life, we're actually looking for meaning in that record every second. People do enjoy life. On the one hand, people are trying to save themselves. Sometimes we need peace above all, or we're in pieces to face our problems. People try to crack their crosswords, encode their match…

Ways to Cope with Your Painful Past

Every person has been living through different paths from the get-go. Either they have to pass flawed trials or move along from their lovely memories of the past. It is a common thing for humans to reminisce on good memories from the past. However, it is never a good thing to dwell on your bad past…

Internship Talk with Kak Ryan '18

Pada kesempatan kali ini, tim EDSA Website mewawancarai Kak Ryan (KR) terkait pengalamannya saat internship dan part-time. Kak Ryan akan memberikan beberapa tips dan membagikan sedikit ceritanya saat menjadi intern di Campuspedia dan Tokopedia, serta part-timer di MechTech.
IN: Halo Kak Ryan! Silaka…

DATEVENTURE 2K21: Face It with Bravery!

The new student orientation is called DATE in the English Department of Universitas Airlangga, which stands for Days with EDSA. Different from last year, this year’s theme is Jumanji. Yes, those two adventurous movies; Jumanji (Welcome to The Jungle) and Jumanji (The Next Level). Among a bunch of o…

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