Ways to Cope with Your Painful Past

Every person has been living through different paths from the get-go. Either they have to pass flawed trials or move along from their lovely memories of the past. It is a common thing for humans to reminisce on good memories from the past. However, it is never a good thing to dwell on your bad past too much. For sure, to reflect on something unavoidable is something to be reminded of what we did wrong in the previous years since it is still buried deep down both in heart and mind. Nevertheless, we cannot still live in the past and have to be sure of what we will face in the future instead. If you are the one who is still struggling from moving on from the overpast, here are three simple ways to support you from being clouded by the painful past.

  • Forgive the Unpleasant Things from Your Past

The top cause of why people still cannot get over their past is that they are still overshadowed by their own mistakes. Even though they were considered as trivial matters, namely you were tripping on gravel and stomping on a stranger, you may still think about it up to the present. Well, it is advisable to condone and cease overthinking about everything. Every person must have made unintentional mistakes in their life, and forgiving yourself is the main key to supporting your self-growth. The important thing is you are willing to learn from everything you did and not repeat the same in the future. 

  • People Grow Up, So Do You

After forgiving what you did in the past, give yourself a chance to be better. People learn from mistakes and grow up eventually. Maturing is a process that comes to pass in every person. In action, you may find considerable obstacles waiting to judge you, and it is always the most challenging thing as sometimes people may look down on us who are still struggling to grow up. You should set aside all negativity coming from your surroundings as long as you already devote yourself to being a better person because you are the one who lives your own life, and not other people. 

  • Let’s Live Our Lives to the Fullest

The last step to overcome your past is keeping in your mind that everybody deserves to have a second chance and be happy with their life. Start moving on from your past and bracing the future with the new version of yourself are the goals that are easy to say but hard to accomplish. Yet, you should believe in the process and credit yourself for coming a long way to be here. A simple term “Life is just once” could hold meaning to help you deal with what is waiting in the days or years ahead and create valuable memories with your loved ones.  

Dealing with the past is difficult for some of us, and it takes different times for each of us as well. The three simple ways above will simply guide you along the way to define one’s true self as the result of passing over the past and putting it to lessons, learning from your mistakes, along with living your future dream. Every way to overcome your past would be meaningless if you do not decide on yourself and have intentions to be up against your failure. Don’t be worried about failing many times. In the end, hard work and good deeds will pay off someday.

Writer: Putri Hanin

Editor: Hasna F