Everything is just too happy for her who likes to think about the opposite. The scenes unfolding in front of her were something that she had never imagined. Her father and mother hugged each other with big smiles on their faces, their joy almost palpable. Her friends were throwing wishes here and there, filling the room with laughter and cheer. It was her birthday, after all.

    But she couldn't stand it. Happiness felt suffocating, a heavy blanket smothering her. She was a deep thinker, her mind often delving into the bleakest corners, places darker than the Mariana Trench. Before she went into her dreamless sleep each night, she would dwell on things she couldn't undo, the regrets that shadowed her day, or the anxieties that awaited her. She was an overthinker, constantly entangled in a web of worries and what-ifs.

    Her parents' joyful embrace and the heartfelt wishes from her friends all felt like an assault on her senses. The warmth they offered seemed like a blinding light to her eyes, accustomed as they were to the shadows. She didn't know how to react, her heart in turmoil of confusion and discomfort.

    For 22 years, her birthdays had been marked by solitude and silence. No celebrations, no well-wishes, just another day to endure. The sudden influx of joy and attention felt foreign and unwelcome. It was overwhelming, like a cacophony in a space where she had grown used to quiet desolation.

    Then, she saw it.

    Honey's eyes stared at her across the room. She was a prisoner for those captivating eyes. Once she saw it, she couldn't turn her gaze. 

    She saw him walking towards her, determined in each step. It was unbelievable for her to see someone so immersed within her, like she was some kind of goddess who needed to be worshiped. The look in his eyes said it all. 

    "Where is my beautiful smile?" he asked, grabbing her hand softly and placing some kisses on it. 

    She tried to bring her best smile, but it turned into an awkward one. She was not used to all of this—family gatherings, friends cheering on her, all this joy. 

    She thought maybe the reason why all of them were here was because of him. No one can resist the man's charm. She was one of the victims, too. 

    He probably called her parents and friends to come over, asking them to put on their masks and greet her when she came home from work. They had never done this before. Only after she started dating this man did people around her pay attention to her. They started to ask about her well-being, her plans for tomorrow, or worse, her struggle. Just what did this man do to attract those people to come to her? 

    "There you are." He smiled upon seeing the smile that he wanted from her. She, too, felt the need to fulfill everything he asked. No matter how hard it was for her, she would find a way to make him happy. 

    Was she crazy?

    "Happy birthday, darling. I want you to have the people who love you on your big day." 

    "You don't have to do that, really. But I appreciate it, so thank you." 

    "Nonsense. Everything about you has to be celebrated." He engulfed her in a warm embrace. Sniffing her scent like a madman. 

    However, the tighter he held her, the more suffocating she felt. In the bottom of her heart, she knew. He was as bad as other people. The universe was not kind enough to give her the perfect man. 

    "Oh, mine, mine, mine." 

    She was doomed the first he claimed her as his. Tragically, she couldn't find a way to escape and drown in his blind love. 

Content Writer : Arinda Risma Wardani

Editor : Kania Mahira Yahya