“The Man” MV: Taylor Swift’s Ways to Against Gender Inequality

And I'm so sick of them coming at me againcause if I was a manthen I'd be the man….

Does anyone know these lyrics? The lyrics are the chorus of Taylor Swift's song "The Man" which was released in 2019. This song is quite interesting, especially if you watch the music video on YouTube. In there, Taylor changes her appearance into a man and criticizes how good it is to be a man who rarely gets any criticism from society about his behavior. Unlike women, men find work easier than women because men are considered more exclusive, agile, and fearless. Meanwhile, women are less important than men and are only treated as objects. One of them is an object of sexuality. A woman is required to take care of children, the kitchen, and take care of her husband.

Here are some of Taylor's lyrics that illustrate her critique of gender inequality:

  • “I'd be a fearless leaderI'd be an alpha typewhen everyone believes yawhat's that like? In it, Taylor reveals that she can be an alpha-type leader, with no fear like a man.

  • “I’m so sick of running as fast as I can… wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man.” This lyric also illustrates that a woman must work harder, due to still facing obstacles with obstacles and social discrimination to achieve her goals. In contrast to men who despite having the same start as women, have a more straightforward way to reach their goals.

  • “And they would toast to me… oh… let the players play… I’d be just like Leo in Saint-Tropez.” In it, Taylor sarcastically says Leonardo Di Caprio is freely changing partners even though sometimes his partners are underage. Unfortunately, Leo's behavior did not get criticized by society. Meanwhile, when Taylor changes her partner, she is judged as problematic and slutty.

Not only the lyrics, but Taylor Swift also illustrates gender inequality between men and women in her music video. This is shown in the following part:

  • At 1:51 minute when Taylor is sitting in the park, there is a little girl where Taylor comforts her by holding her. There, the public's response is so impressed with Taylor's treatment. It shows that people always appreciate a father who takes care of his children, even though it is a normal thing.

  • Minutes 1:08 and 2:09 also illustrate that women are just objects of lust that can be rotating trophies by men and can be paid with money. Whereas women are more than that, women also have the same value as men. How ironic is it?

  • In the last minute of the MV, it shows Taylor being the director in the making of the MV. This illustrates that women can also be leaders who have full control in managing something.

Based on the description above, the song "The Man" is Taylor's way of against gender inequality, which is still a problem in society. Many women are at disadvantages because the male stereotype is the king who holds full power. Therefore, it is hoped that we are all able to act in a fair manner regardless of gender. Both men and women have the same right to achieve their dreams.

Writer: Alfina Nurzaima Editor: Febby Cahya Diva


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