Dream Big with Double Patty


Released back in 2021 and directed by Park Seung-hwan, tells a story about a woman named Hyunji who works as a waitress at a 24-hour hamburger shop, pursuing her passion of becoming a news anchor. In the meantime, the passing of his mentor has left Woo-ram, a traditional Korean wrestling athlete, in a state of chaos. Woo-ram took odd occupations after giving up sports, such as working as a bouncer at a nightclub until Woo-ram stopped by Hyun-ji's restaurant one evening.


Double Patty has a huge positive impact, considering that Bae Joohyun of Red Velvet played a role as one of the main characters, Hyunji. This movie was also her debut as an actress, making it more meaningful to fans and Bae Joohyun herself. Her opponent in the drama was Shin Seung-ho, playing Woo-ram, a professional actor who has starred in many dramas and movies such as At Eighteen. 


Not only is this movie meaningful due to the actors who starred in the movie, but Double Patty also received positive reviews for their significant story plot. Double Patty illustrates that, with persistence, dreams can come true. It tells us to work hard and never give up if we are determined to chase our goals and dreams. Overall, Double Patty is a light story that will also lighten up your day. Dream big and chase your goals with Double Patty

Writer: Annisa Nismara Editor: Arinda Risma W.