We Never Go out of Style: Taylor’s Version vs Original Version


Hi guys, welcome back to the EDSA Website. According to the article title, we will discuss Taylor Swift’s newest re-recorded song, “Style” from the 1989 album. Are there any of you who are Swifties? Is "Style" one of your favorite songs? For me, “Style” is one of my favorite songs because it is so catchy. So, what's wrong with the track "Style"? What will we discuss about the track?

As we know, Taylor Swift recently re-recorded all of her songs and added the tagline "Taylor's version." The reason is that she wants to regain control of her master recordings with the music label. Even though she re-recorded all her songs gradually, there are many differences between the old songs and the current Taylor’s version. For example, the song "Style".

"Style" is about the turbulent relationship of a messy and passionate couple. They keep getting back together despite all the problems. If you're Swifites, you know that this song is rumored to be for Harry Styles, a.k.a. Taylor's ex. This is evident in the lyrics "James Dean daydream look in your eye" and "long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt," which fits with Harry's outfit at the time. This is why the writer concludes that "Style" is a song when Taylor hasn't moved on with Harry and wants to get back with him. One source from HollywoodLife.com told that Taylor herself said she was really done with Harry, but in fact, she couldn't forget him.

When "Style" was first released, it was definitely a hit in the market. This was because of Taylor's passionate and emotional voice when singing it since the song was also a form of her love story. The tempo of the song is also full of passion, as if we are also in Taylor's position, who admires her "boyfriend." Overall, this song is very energetic and passionate.

Whereas in Taylor's version, there is a different guitar instrument at the beginning, which sounds more modern. The instruments of the song are also quite light and seem less happy. Taylor also looks fine and seems tasteless when singing the song, especially the chorus. Many netizens say that Taylor's version of "Style" is the version she has moved on with Harry.

Of the two differences, many netizens prefer the old version. Not only because it sounds familiar, but also because it “feels” more. Honestly, not only does the song "Style" feel "lifeless," but songs like "Bad Blood" are also included. Even so, that doesn't mean that Taylor's version of the song doesn't work. In fact, the song has millions of listeners on Spotify. For you guys, do you prefer the old version or the new version?

Writer: Alfina Nurzaima

Editor: Elisabeth Grisella S.