Chilling Together with Red Velvet


        Famous Korean girl group Red Velvet has always been at their best when it comes to releasing songs with good quality. Red Velvet has just released their third album named Chill Kill which consists of ten different songs with “Chill Kill” as the main track. After five years of anticipation, they finally presented their third album after Perfect Velvet and The Perfect Red Velvet. All the songs in the Chill Kill album have different genres and stories to tell to the public. Here are reasons why you should take a look and listen to Chill Kill! 

        First, the “Chill Kill” music video is very artistic and eye-pleasing. Red Velvet is known for their artistic music videos besides their experimental songs. The music video's visual appeal is attractive to the eyes. Not only the visual, but the music video also tells a story about a group of girls advising each other not to worry about what may happen tomorrow. Their distinct storytelling style in the music video made fans create their own theories. The music video perfectly synchronizes with the rhythms, creating a unique story and increasing audience engagement. 

        Second, the “Chill Kill” lyrics have an essential meaning. As told before in the music video, the lyrics contain meaningful words such as not to worry much about tomorrow and how everyone should take care of themselves. The bridge acts as the peak, enhancing the emotional intensity before building into the last, introspective line. The delicate vocal delivery of each member, combined with the musical arrangement, produces a mood that is both melancholy and inspiring.

        And the last one is the choreography. The choreography for the song “Chill Kill” rhymes perfectly with the music. Every movement is done with a level of harmony that shows Red Velvet’s technical talent and collective desire for excellence. Their synchronized and powerful moves illustrate how they are the queens in the music video. They created a visually attractive and harmonic exhibition of motion. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have some chilling moments together with Red Velvet!  

Writer: Annisa Nismara

Editor: Febby Cahya D.