EDSA Students Become Speakers In A Sharing Session With The Kami Foundation With The Theme How To Be A Productive Student In University


The Association of Ambassadors of the Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga held a collaboration with Millennial Campus Ambassador Batch 2 by KAMI Foundation. The KAMITALKS is part of the collaboration between FIB Ambassadors and external parties.

This event is a program that provides a forum for several outstanding students to share their experiences in becoming productive students. The program offers an opportunity for two English Department of Airlangga University students as speakers, namely Lady Khairunnisa Adiyani from batch 2020 and Cysakaren Diva Pratiwi from batch 2021.

The purpose of this program is to increase knowledge and experience for students who are part of the younger generation. Thus, through this program, it is hoped that live Instagram participants will gain the motivation to become productive students.

KAMITALKS, entitled “How to Be a Productive Student in University,” provides an opportunity for Cysakaren Diva Pratiwi, the 2023 Female Main Ambassador, to share her experiences. Apart from that, KAMI Foundation also collaborates with Lady Khairunnisa Adiyani as the Millenial Campus Ambassador and Deputy Minister of BEM FIB as speakers.

In the sharing session, which was held on Saturday, March 25, 2023, via live Instagram @dutafibunair and @kamifoundation, the speakers shared their experiences. Apart from sharing experiences, the two speakers also shared their tips and tricks on how to be a productive student.

Lady Khairunnisa Adiyani herself shared her experiences as the deputy minister at BEM FIB Unair in 2022, MSIB batch 3 awardee at Dispendukcapil Surabaya in 2022, intern Harian Disway in 2022, and became secretary and treasurer at the FIB Ambassador Association in 2021. Lady shared three tips for becoming productive students that helped her during her journey: expectation, exploration, and experience.

"Expectation is a plan to achieve a dream, exploration is an effort to find opportunities, and experience is an experience that is obtained from the process that has been passed. Therefore, to be productive, don't forget to make plans, look for opportunities, and improve your experience," said Lady.

As for Cysakaren, she also shared her experiences of having become FIB Female Main Ambassador in 2022, American Corner Trooper in 2022, Bumi Pelindo intern in 2021, and Global Millennial MUN delegate in 2020. Karen said that to be a productive student, you need the ability to determine the priority scale.

“To manage the time when you have a lot of things to do, you have to be able to make a priority scale according to each other's needs and goals. If you want to be good at academics and in organizations, you also have to understand your abilities," Karen concluded.

Writer: Lady Khairunnisa Adiyani

Editor: Septian Paradesa, Marsha Almira