Why You Should Listen to “28 Reasons” by Seulgi


Seulgi, a member of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet made a solo album in October last year. The mini album that is titled “28 Reasons” becomes her first work as a solo artist, and it exhibits great art from all perspectives. Standing out in a variety of sectors, it's no surprise that her work is jam-packed with innovative ideas. Here are three reasons why “28 Reasons” became a successful hit and why you should listen to the album!

First, there are so many genres of music in the mini album. Members of the girl group Red Velvet are known for their ability to produce experimental music in every album that they released, either in a group or solo. Red Velvet's album discography is strongly tied to the touch of a distinct but sweet-sounding tone. So, as one of Red Velvet’s members, Seulgi also used different music genres in her solo album. Her solo album contains six songs, and some of them have multiple genres. As an example, in the "Los Angeles" sidetrack. It has an EDM pop dance genre, and many fans are interested in the song. Since there are many K-Pop songs that dominate in the R&B genre nowadays, it makes them thrilled to pay attention to her album. 

Second, it has such high-powered choreography. From the beginning of her debut, Seulgi is known as the “dancing machine” for her dance ability. Also, as the main dancer of Red Velvet, it is understandable if her solo album has an incredible choreography. Seulgi's girl crush vibe was once again displayed during her "28 Reasons" performance, thanks to her sharp and strong choreography. Seulgi was able to keep the smooth and colorful movement transitions under control. 

Third, the PV or promotional videos for the solo album are all so artistic and stunning. SM Entertainment released the first promotional video in September 2022. It has a very dark and twisted concept, making you wonder how the album would be? Seulgi also has a talent for painting; she poured her talent into a PV called “Art Work Drawing”. You can see how excited she is to release her solo album throughout the video while she’s drawing and painting. So, what other reasons will make you intrigued by Seulgi’s work?

Writer: Annisa Nismara

Editor: Elisabeth Grisella S.