Flowers: an Anthem of Self-Love and Independence


Hello fellas! EDSA Website will present an interesting thing about the song “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. Due to its social media success, particularly on TikTok, I am confident that everyone is familiar with this song. Additionally, this song broke a new record on Spotify as the most streamed song in a week, with more than 100 million streams globally. “Flowers” also reached an achievement as the fastest song to hit 900 million streams in history.

The melody is catchy and energetic. The song's lyrics are intended to encourage self-acceptance, independence, and continuing to live after a breakup. The chorus of "Flowers" has a similar rhythm and lyrics to Bruno Mars' ballad "When I Was Your Man," but with an added emphasis on self-love and independence. That’s why some fans believe that “Flowers” is a response to "When I Was Your Man.”

This song is definitely perfect to listen to if you are heartbroken. Not only to listen, you can also certainly learn how to move on and be confident through this “Flowers” song, guys! When you listen to the chorus, we know that Cyrus celebrated her independence and happiness by buying herself flowers, writing her name in the sand, talking to herself for hours, and holding her own hand. What about you guys? Do you have any effective tips on moving on? If you don’t have any tips about it, there are some other tips to make you going move on immediately and be more confident:

  1. You must have a real intention to move on. Imagine how painful it was when you broke up with your ex, then give yourself time to reflect and calm down.
  2. Write all of your feelings in a book. You can also apply it to productive activities like engaging in your favorite pastimes.
  3. Stop listening to sad songs. You can listen to songs that have energetic and empowering vibes, like "Flowers."
  4. Stop stalking your ex because you'll end up hurting yourself even more.
  5. Avoid spending too much time alone and being depressed. Go out and make contact with the people who care about you and who love you.
  6. Calm your thoughts and begin meditating! Then, make an effort to be truthful and develop self-forgiveness.
  7. Make a list of everything you want to do and start taking risks to attempt new things.
  8. Create a new version of yourself from the ashes, embracing your freedom and contentment.

These are some ideas for how to quickly forget about your ex. I hope after you read this article, you can be happier, more self-assured, successful, and grow into a positive person. Avoid being overly depressed because doing so will only make you worse and hinder you from achieving your goals. See you in the next article!

Writer: Alfina Nurzaima
Editor: Septian Paradesa