The Umbrella Academy: A Dysfunctional Family With Superpowers


Family is always complicated. Most of us might have a love-hate relationship with our family. However, we know that our family will always be there for us. Having a love-hate relationship with your family is already complicated, let alone imagining having a family that has full superpowers.

Yeah, you heard it right. The Umbrella Academy, a serial by Netflix, is a superhero series that tells a story about forty-three women all around the world who suddenly gave birth to a kid even though they’re not pregnant on the very day they were giving birth. Reginald Hargreeves, a millionaire, then decided to adopt seven of them and named them by their numbers.
A brief introduction to The Umbrella Academy, we have Reginald Hargreeves, the dad who doesn’t care about his children's conditions and only cares about their superpowers. Number 1, or Luther, a physically strong man who played the older brother role. Number 2, Diego, a guy who can bend any object that he throws, mostly knives. Number 3, Allison, who basically can get anything she wants just by saying “I heard a rumor” in front of any sentence. Number 4, Klaus, your alcoholic and drug-addicted character who can talk to the undead. Number 5, who can blink through space and time and is obsessed with the end of the world. Number 6, Ben, the boy who died on a mission. Lastly, Number 7, Vanya, has no superpowers, allegedly.

Because of Vanya’s position as the only one who didn't have superpowers, she was an outcast in her family and had never been taken seriously by her siblings. As if it’s not messed up enough, the siblings' relationships are way worse, especially with the dad. Their dad only focused on their superpowers and how to train them to go on a mission. Their dad, Reggie, was full of mystery and is planning something big. The siblings are scattered, they left the house and never contacted each other for so long until the day their father died. Because of that, The Umbrella Academy is now getting a reunion. Well, except for Five, who was trapped in a timeline.

Apparently, after seventeen years of missing, Five suddenly came back and brought some big news that the world would end in just a few days. Basically, this is the premise of The Umbrella Academy. Throughout the series, we will see their journey to save the world with their superpowers. However, we will see a lot about how The Umbrella Academy is a dysfunctional family. Years of trauma were built up by their father, their unhealthy relationship as siblings, and conflict in their own lives. There’s this one big plot twist that will blow your mind. Would they finally be able to save the world? Try to see it yourself by starting watching The Umbrella Academy!

Writer: Steven Andrew S.
Editor: Febby Cahya D