English Language and Literature Student Passes IISMA 2023 in London


The English Language and Literature Department at Universitas Airlangga has again made achievements in the academic field. In 2023, all IISMA awardees in the Faculty of Humanities cluster were won by English Language and Literature students.

        Indonesian International Students Mobility Awards (IISMA) is one of the MBKM programs initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture and funded by LPDP. Where vocational and undergraduate students can study for one semester abroad. The covered costs include visa money, plane tickets, tuition, and living expenses.

        One of the students accepted at IISMA to study in London is Aprilia Cahyaningrum. She was accepted at her second choice, Queen Mary University of London, compared to her first choice, University College London.

          She explained that she chose London because she wanted to learn a lot about British culture. "I majored in English Language and Literature, so I learned a lot about British culture. I thought that studying in England would help me understand more about the things I've learned over the past three years."

            Previously, Aprilia had also tried to enroll in IISMA 2022 but had not been successful. Therefore, at IISMA 2023, she is trying to increase research and training and make more thorough preparations.

        Aprilia explained that to qualify for IISMA 2023, a long preparation was required. "The preparation started last year. In November, I took part in the IISMA Bootcamp organized by Airlangga Global Engagement. I also prepared for the IELTS test. So I bought a question book, I started studying in December 2022, and took the test in February 2023."

            In the future, she also hopes to maximize the time to study and introduce Indonesian culture while studying at Queen Mary, University of London.

            Apart from that, Aprilia also gave a message to the next IISMA awardee candidates. "I know before and during the registration process; almost everyone will be afraid and doubt themselves. However, I hope my friends instill the phrase what is meant for you will never miss you."

Writer: Lady Khairunnisa A.

Editor Marsha Almira