Hello EDSA!

So, the term of EDSA Student Body 2018 has been started. The Student body has planned fascinating projects until the end of the year. Various activities ranging from sports and art communities, academic activities, to our annual events are offered to all EDSA members. So, is there anything new? Let us introduce you what’s in EDSA 2018:
  •    EVENTS
1.     E-NITE
E-nite or English Nite is one of EDSA’s foremost events. During the night, EDSA presents an annual play which is performed at Cak Durasim Theatre Surabaya. All of the actors and crews are recruited from English Department students. Here, they can practice to be an actor, director, scriptwriter, makeup artist, and many more!
2.     RICE
RICE is EDSA’s annual charity held every Ramadhan, so that’s how we got the name RICE―Ramadhan in Charity with EDSA. The main agenda is to share and celebrate Ramadhan with those in need. We usually have iftar together and do Sahur on the Road the next day. There are also other interesting activities like mini study tour or visiting nursing home. RICE is arranged by selected committees, but all EDSA members may participate during the D-day.
3.     EDSA Dies Natalis
Dies Natalis involves a chain of events to celebrate EDSA’s anniversary. It includes internal events like EDSA games, EDSA League, EDSA chief election, and EDSA Sharing Time. Moreover, there are also external competition for public; English competition for high school students, photography and futsal competition for college students. Finally, the events are closed in a festive night with live performances.
4.     Gathering Night
Another annual event is… GN―Gathering night! GN is held to introduce everything about EDSA to the newest members of the big family. It is an unforgettable event where new students get to know each other and tighten the bond among them. They will have a lot of fun by playing games, enjoying performances, and sharing quality time.
5.     EDSA Company Visit
So, you might be wondering what’s new in EDSA 2018 and here it is… EDSA Company Visit! This project allows EDSA students to visit one selected company, so that they can witness ‘the real field’ and learn from EDSA alumni who work there. Hopefully, English Department students can find their potentials through this activity.
1.     EDSAMAN
EDSAMAN, stands for EDSA and saman, is a dance community performing the saman dance, a traditional dance from Aceh. EDSAMAN has performed in numerous occasions around Surabaya. The members gather weekly to practice their skill. Starting from this year, EDSAMAN is open for all students from Faculty of Humanities Universitas Airlangga.
2.     English Conversation Club (ECC)
The conversation club discusses various topics including pop culture, campus life, and the most recent issues uprising. The club invites keynote speaker from English department lecturer or other experts of the selected subject. All students from Faculty of Humanities may join the club.
3.     EDSA Futsal Society (EFS)
Not only art and academic community, EDSA also offers sports club for its members. The futsal club is formed to let those who are keen on football to play together with the other EDSA members. EFS practices every week on Friday afternoon.
Unfamiliar with the name? Indeed, EDSA Capture is the newest community brought to us this year, so that it can accommodate those who is passionate to photography. The members can share their knowledge about photography and take picture together around Surabaya. The community is also open for all students from Faculty of Humanities.
1.     Warung EDSA
What is warung EDSA? Do we sell food by the street? No! Warung EDSA sells socks through online and open-booth in bazaar and campus events. Curious? Check the catalog on our Instagram account @warungedsa.
2.     EDSA Teaching Team
Do you have passion in teaching? Well, this project is conducted to facilitate all EDSA members who want to try how teaching is like. They will be the tutors for EDSA tutorial (during exam weeks) and for those who want to improve their English skills (ELPT preparation).
3.     EDSA Magazine #3 and #4
EDSA Magazine is published every six months, and the third edition is coming this May! All EDSA members may participate in this project by joining the editorial team (journalist, editor, graphic designer) or by submitting their works to be featured.
4.     EDSA Wall Magazine
Have you ever checked our wall magazine in front of English Department Lecturers Room? The content is updated every month, so you may check every now and then to know the latest issue of our home. Plus, you may leave comment or greetings on Draft EDSA section.
5.       Assistance and Internship
The project aims to accommodate those who want to assist English Department lecturers doing their researches. Here, they can improve their analytical and academic skill. Also, EDSA will provide internship and scholarship info to its members.

All of the activities are conducted to facilitate English Department students to experience and learn new things. So, this is your chance, let’s join the excitement and don’t miss the boat!