English Nite: Left

English Nite is EDSA’s annual play and this year, it was held in Cak Durasim Theatre Surabaya. The play was managed by a team, which includes producers, director, co-director, make-up artists, stylists, lighting crew, stage manager, and music director. Besides the behind the scene team, the play also involve actors and cameos. It was the last project from EDSA 2017 period of service. This year’s English Nite play is titled Left. It was written by Dida Hilman and Adhe Lisa Kurnianigsih. This script is an original work, not an adaptation. The basic idea came from the director, Hanif Naufal, himself which was then developed by the writers. As producers, Derryl Haristian, Risky Amalia, and Tita Rismayanti tried to support the event by looking for financial support to fund the play. 
You can see the teaser for the play here.
The story is about Will who has a Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder which emerged because his mother, Nina, committed suicide when he was 12 years old. He lived only with his father, Ben. In a New Year’s Eve party, the sound of the fireworks triggered another episode of Will’s trauma. He was helped by Jane, the popular girl in campus, and not long after that, they began a romantic relationship. Getting closer with Will, Jane realized that there was something off with Nina’s suicide. She then found proofs that Nina’s death was not a suicide. Instead, it was murder, and Jane suspected Will as the murderer. Ben was aware of this and asked her to meet him the next day. When they met, Ben was revealed to be the murderer. He killed Jane to keep the truth hidden. Will then found out about this. He became really depressed, frustrated, and disappointed to his father, which caused him to murder his father. In the end of story, Will committed suicide because of the troubles in his life. He did not have the strength to survive anymore.

The play was outstandingly performed. The lighting, music, and sound effects helped building the emotions and reinforced the tensions in the play. It would not happen without everyone that got involved. The crew were planned this event since about three months ago. This event, which was held on 11 December 2017 was attended by more or less 200 audiences. It was opened by the Vice Dean of Faculty of Humanities—Mr. Puji Karyanto, a lecturer of English Department—Mr. Puguh Budi Susetiyo, and Rio Satria as the chief of English Department Students’ Association. Many positive responses came from the audiences, especially the lecturers. Hopefully, the next English Nite performances can be better than this one.