RICE 2K17: A Way to Spread the Blessing of Ramadhan

On June 3rd and 4th, 2017, English Department Students’ Association (EDSA) Universitas Airlangga held an annual event to celebrate Ramadhan called Ramadhan in Charity with EDSA (RICE). This year, by inviting several elementary school students from different religions—Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism, the committee tried to show that people from different religions absolutely can live together peacefully in harmony in Indonesia. Thus, the topic for RICE 2k17 is “Faith in Humanity.

The first agenda was a mini study tour which began at Al-Ikhlash Mosque in Perak, Surabaya, a lecture about Islam was given to the participants. Next, they were invited to visit St. Mikael Church to get some knowledge about Catholicism. The last visit was at Agung Jagat Karana Temple. There, the students learned about Hinduism. The study tour was under the theme of fasting, so the participants could recognize that fasting is practiced by each religion in different forms. This was meant for the participants to appreciate religious diversity and develop tolerance towards it. By learning about other religions, the participants were able to understand the meaning of tolerance.

Having iftar together was the last agenda to end the first day of RICE. The next day’s only agenda was Sahur on the Road, in which the committee shared some packages of food for people who were in need along the selected roads. This agenda was meant to spread the blessing of Ramadhan to others. Being a very advantageous event, RICE is expected to be held every year. Let us spread happiness to people around us especially during this sacred month!