Upgrading EDSA 2017

A happy expression couldn’t be hidden from the people who joined Upgrading of the 2017 EDSA Student Body on April 1st and 2nd, 2017. They felt excited because they had to spent their weekend together with the other Student Body fellows in Pacet, Mojokerto. Upgrading is an annual agenda which is held every year to welcome the new members of the Student Body, and also strengthen the relationship between one another. There were many alumni invited to join the upgrading to give some lectures which will guide the Student Body fellows during their term of service. On the way to Pacet, the fellows couldn’t stop joking to each other and also sang songs along to an accoustic guitar accompaniment. 

They stayed for 2 days in a villa in a high and uphill place. It was cold but cozy and comfortable. Once they arrived, the Chief od EDSA and the Project Officer of Upgrading delivered their opening speeches to welcome the Student Body fellows. On the first day, it was filled by the alumni who gave lectures and organizational workshop about things that are needed to do in the organization. Also, Mr. Pujo, one of the English Department lecturers, was present to provide a short lecture as a guidance for Student Body fellows. At night, a bonfire was set in front of the villa. They had a mini barbeque party and shared about each others’ stories or experiences filled with their laughter. The second day, which was the day that they were going to go back home, was filled with games to strengthen the relationships and build the team work between the Student Body fellows. Everything was done with joyous spirit, and everyone felt happy.

Then, it was the time to go home. They felt satisfied and happy at the same time that they joined a useful upgrading. They felt like they finally found their new family who are reliable and fellows as companions to work together as a team. From this Upgrading, we hope that each person in the Student Body is able to commit to the organization and perform well until the end of their term of service.