English Nite 2017: The Verse

The Verse is the title of an annual play from English Department Students’ Association Universitas Airlangga. The Verse held at Gedung Kesenian Cak Durasim on 16 March 2017. Alan and his mother, Petunia, are the center of this play. This drama innovates with a new concept, a musical drama, so we could expect the cast singing in the middle of the play. The main conflict is between the mother and her son. 

Alan is a man driven by his dream to be a musician. Petunia, on the other hand, is a mother with a dark past. She is broke, so she cannot provide any of Alan’s needs to achieve his dream. After her husband was imprisoned, Petunia cannot live well. Alan is raised only by Petunia. She is then being realistic. Petunia wants Alan to be an employee and marry a girl, but Alan insists to chase his dream. After the fight between Petunia and Alan, Petunia secretly gives a new guitar to Alan by giving it to Max, Alan’s band mate. In the competition he joins, Alan’s band lost to another band. Max is mad at Alan, blaming him because Alan isn’t focused on performing, instead, Alan tries to impress Mirabel who is present at the competition. Max leaves the band, breaks the band apart. After the big promotion of Alan and his marriage with Mirabel, there comes the worst day; Petunia passes away, and it really breaks Alan’s heart. Max finally tells the truth about Alan’s mother. Alan reads the diary of Petunia, and cries out loud as the ending of the drama. The audience gave a round of applause because apparently they were crying as the ending came.