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Overconsumption: The High-level Global Threat

When we recall the early 2000’s and compare to what earth has in the present, it is undeniable that plentiful incidents are happening worldwide, while the natural resources, which society takes for granted, have been declining annually. To prevent the occurrences from becoming even worse than we ha…


Hello there! EDSA Communities update is back, and now we’re going to delve into one community that is specially created for gamers. ED-G, the abbreviation for EDSA Gaming, is the newest community that creates and organizes gamers. Here, they will grow their talent and relation and spar their compet…

Face Threatening Acts in Bullying

* Content trigger warning: This content perhaps will recall your bad days a long time ago. If you're still going to see the little analysis in Pragmatics, go ahead.Have you ever thought that bullying cases around us soared significantly? 
Bullying happens without giving an agreement on both side…

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