Hello there! EDSA Communities update is back, and now we’re going to delve into one community that is specially created for gamers. ED-G, the abbreviation for EDSA Gaming, is the newest community that creates and organizes gamers. Here, they will grow their talent and relation and spar their competitiveness with others in E-Sport, both computer, and mobile-based players. Now, let's get a broader view of ED-G.

EdG member

In normal circumstances, ED-G holds forum discussions for the members. This opportunity is meant to give space for discussion and sharing all about E-Sport, so the members do not only play games but also get more insights about E-Sport and gain more relations. But, due to the pandemic, the forum discussion is temporarily migrating to online platforms.

ED-G is a new community that is still taking its time to adapt to other communities, so you probably won’t see any annual event from them. No worries, as ED-G grows and moves forward, they have plans ahead to hold MABAR (main bareng) and game competition program with other gamers, communities, and universities soon.

Are you a gamer and ready to cultivate your hobby within a supportive community? Then, ED-G is the right community for you to join. Follow ED-G on Instagram @edsa_gaming so you won’t miss new updates and information about the community. See you there!

“From my experience, joining ED-G is really fun and exciting. I won’t regret this because I also learn many things about E-Sport while gaming.”

-          Idos, Member and Chief of ED-G