The Easy-Breezy of Low-Maintenance Friendships

    Have you ever thought about a long-distance friendship? It’s pretty strange, isn’t it? Who knew you'd have to put in effort to keep up with friends just like you would with a romantic partner? Some folks are all about those constant updates and chats, while others are cool with just catching up once in a while. So are you the type who prefers high- or low-maintenance friendship? Is it okay to have a low-maintenance friendship even if there is no space between them?

    Most likely, when you live far away from your friends like this, you will unintentionally have low-maintenance friendships. You only see your friends once a week or even a month. Others might have to wait longer to meet their friend due to certain circumstances. You know, those times when you only see each other every now and then and the updates are like, "Hey, still alive, what's up?" At first, it might feel a bit disconnected, but over time, you realize it's all about respecting each other's lives and spaces. Well, that’s the point of low-maintenance friendships.

    As time went on, low-maintenance friendships taught us to be more understanding. We cannot deny that every personal well-being has its own life. Even if you have been best friends for more than 10 years, you still have your own world. With a low-maintenance friendship, you will learn how to respect each other’s lives while at the same time keeping the bond intact. 

    Not only for those who have distance in their friendships, when you are 5 blocks away from your friends, you could also develop low-maintenance friendships. You don’t have to be glued to your phones or constantly check in to remain close. 

    This situation feels like Taylor Swift's Dorothea from her Evermore album, where you could only see your friends through the screen of your phone, not being able to reach out because of distance. Nevertheless, we can always welcome those friends back home because we still stay the same. Low-maintenance friendships are all about that easy-breezy connection. 

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Content Writer : Arinda Risma Wardani

Editor : Kania Mahira Yahya