Finance Management Tips

    Hello folks!!! Do you know that every country has different cultures in celebrating Eid al-Fitr? One of the most interesting cultures of Indonesia during every Eid is giving money to the younger family members. After Eid al-Fitr, most of us probably received some money from our families. As good students, of course we can manage our finances wisely. Here are some tips for students on managing finances.

    First, always take note of our finances every time we buy goods. It is aimed to let us know how much we spend, so that we can estimate how much we have to spend in the future.

    Second, buy goods according to your needs. It aims to avoid a wasteful lifestyle. Besides that, we can also set aside money for us to save.

    Third, try to cook by yourself. Buying food outside can be a considerable expense. Try to cook for yourself at the boarding house or bring lunch from home.

    Last but not least, avoid unnecessary debt. Avoid using credit cards to finance unimportant wants. Debt can be a financial burden in the future, so use your credit card wisely.

    So those are some tips for managing finances wisely. Big goals are achieved from small steps. By implementing these tips, we can move forward as students who are smart in managing finances. Remember that wise financial management is not just about counting every dollar we spend, but also about understanding its value and prioritizing the needs that really matter. We can form good habits for a more financially stable future with discipline and awareness. So, let's commit to being smart students, both in academics and managing our own finances. Keep up the good work! 

Writer : Melinda Rahma Puspa

Editor : Sofi Silvia Damayanti


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