Love Portrayed in Season - Wave to Earth Lyrics

            How would you feel if someone came up to you and said that they always pray for you? Or, how would you feel if 'that' someone wrote a hopeless but sincere love song about you? I bet you don't know the answer because I don't either.

But here we are, listening to a song by Wave to Earth, a South Korean indie-rock band consisting of singer-songwriter Daniel Kim, drummer Dong Kyu Shin, and bassist John Cha, called "Season," which you can find on their album Summer Flows 0.02.

(I'll suggest you to read this while playing the song)

I can't be your love

Look, it's too trivial for you now

Oh, my life's fallin' apart

Maybe no one will know if I disappear

But I'll pray for you all the time

If I could be by your side

I'll give you all my life, my seasons

I can't be your love

'Cause I'm afraid I'll ruin your life (hmm)

While the leaves withered away

And grew again you have gone far away

I'll be pushing up daisies

And bring all the chances to here

But I'll pray for you all the time

If I could be by your side

I'll give you all my life, my seasons

By your side, I'll be your seasons, hmm

My love

So beautiful, isn't it? "Seasons" is indeed a beautiful song that touches and portrays someone's love, loss, and self-doubt. The lyrics describe a person who is in love with someone but feels unworthy to be with them, as well as the fear that their presence might ruin their loved one's life.

It is always confusing when we speak about love because love is a feeling that is hard to describe. However, expressing love through music and art is different as it provides an easier outlet. "Season" is one of many songs from "Wave to Earth" that is blurry yet clear in conveying how love can be. This song offers a glimpse into the complicated web of how love can be so challenging for someone.

The opening lines speak, "I can't be your love; Look, it's too trivial for you now," These lines convey the feelings of inadequacy and inferiority that someone may experience when it comes to love. They may hesitate to take on the role of love because they fear they are not enough. I believe this is a "we" problem; we all know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the thought of being unable to meet someone's expectations and to feel stuck.

Moreover, the line "My life's falling apart; Maybe no one will know if I disappear." shows how hopeless the person is and how they know that their life isn't that precious. "No one will know if I disappear." Have you ever felt unworthy of someone's love yet loved them so much that you felt your life was falling apart? You knew that no one cared, but you would always love them. Well, this song perfectly expresses those feelings.

This song reaches its most beautiful line in the chorus: "But I'll pray for you all the time." Amidst these earlier hopeless emotions, the person still shows how much they love this person. It highlights the depth of love for this person, as they pray for them all the time and give them everything.

Have you ever realized that you are incapable of controlling someone's feelings? You know you are not worthy enough for them, but you are dying to have them. So, your last resort is to turn to God. You know you cannot do anything unless you pray that the person you love gets whatever they need, even if it is not you, and this line perfectly describes those feelings.

"If I could be by your side, I'll give you all my life, my seasons." This lyric also speaks to how people long to be with the person they adore and are willing to give everything they have. If the universe ever gave us a chance to be with the person we love (If I could be by your side), We would give "all my life, my seasons." This lyric means a promise to deliver a permanent presence in our loved one's life, providing support no matter how time goes; even if it constantly changes, we are still there, like the different seasons of the year. And I can say that it is a beautiful and poetic way to express how devoted someone is to a person.

In verse 2, the tone of the lyrics is similar to verse 1, describing how someone thinks their presence is worthless and how they might bring more harm than good to the person they care for. "I'm afraid I'll ruin your life," tells us how desperate the person is, "what if my unworthy presence is ruining how wonderful you are? What if, with me, you can only go down?" 

“While the leaves withered away and grew again, you have gone far away." This line describes how complicated feelings can be, "What if time never sides with me? What if they have already gone far away while I'm busy dealing with myself?"

"I'll push up daisies and bring all the chances here." "But I still want you; I'll do whatever it takes." This line speaks about how a person will do whatever it takes to regain the chances. The reference to "pushing up daisies" is a metaphor for being deceased, and it illustrates the extent to which they are willing to go to ensure the happiness of the one they love.

Falling in love takes easier effort; you don't need to do anything to fall in love. But loving someone is arduous; you must compromise, sacrifice, balance, and give everything. We live in a world where love cannot be as simple as it should be. People say we should be with someone "compatible and equal," but what can we do if we fall in love with someone who people say is "above" us? Well, this song perfectly tells a story about love as a powerful force that can simultaneously uplift and challenge us. Loving someone comes with emotions. Love is not always straightforward and can be marked by doubt and self-sacrifice, but it will remain a good memory in our lives.

That's all I can write about "Seasons," but this article is only meaningful because of the songwriter, Wave to Earth. We all agree that Wave to Earth is a fantastic songwriter, and "Seasons" is not the only superb song they've written; there are many others. If you have yet to listen to any of their songs, I highly recommend you do. "Bad," "Ride," "Bonfire," "Purple Lake," "Light," and "Daisy" are just a few songs from Wave to Earth that you should listen to at least twice in your life.

Writer: Rani Roanliq L.

Editor: Marsha Almira