Unlucky Luck


Have you ever heard the symbol of luck and bad luck? In most countries, it is believed that when a ladybug lands on you, the spots will be the indication of how many years of good luck you'll have. On the other hand, a black cat has been the symbol of bad luck and calamity. What if I tell you that there's a story about these two symbols of opposite luck dynamics as a superhero fighting crime? You heard me right; this is the story of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

For centuries, there have been powerful magical jewels that can give its holder power beyond human capability. These magical jewels are called Miraculous, and among them, the most powerful Miraculous are the Miraculous of Creation and the Miraculous of Destruction. When these two Miraculous are combined, one can wish for anything their heart desires, but of course, with prices to pay. Gabriel Agreste, a famous designer in Paris, lost his wife when he found the Miraculous of Chaos, which has the power to make little dark butterflies called Akuma that can turn people into monsters with just slight emotion.

You probably have heard about Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir the series. Last month, on July 28th, they released the remake in the form of a movie. It is such an interesting story because we were given a love square dynamic based on only two characters; how can that happen? The story revolves around a girl named Marinette; she's a baker's daughter who has a dream to be a famous fashion designer. She has this secret life as the holder of the Miraculous of Creation; she's one of the two heroes who protect Paris from evil. This girl has a crush on his classmate named Adrien, the holder of Miraculous of Destruction.

Adrien had a miserable life after the death of his mother. Ever since then, his father, Gabriel Agreste, became so controlling with his life and never made time for him. Cat Noir, his hero persona, is a way for him to escape his miserable life. Throughout the journey of saving Paris, he falls in love with his partner, Ladybug, the hero persona of Marinette. While Adrien is happy with his new power, at first, Marinette was not ready to be a hero since she doubted herself so much. However, throughout their journey as the protectors of Paris, they slowly embrace their duty and even find the courage in themselves.

I will say the movie is able to fix everything that went wrong in the series. Marinette and Adrien had so much character, and their dynamic as Ladybug and Cat Noir is top tier. Even though I can say that this movie is better than the show, obviously, there are some flaws. First, they used different voice actors for the talking voice and singing voice, even if their original voice actors are professional singers. The differences in voices are so noticeable, and it can be annoying to some people. Another thing is that the ending felt kind of rushed with no further explanation. This movie isn’t canon to the series and is completely separated from the show, so you can definitely watch it even if you know nothing about it before. Now’s your chance to be part of Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Adventure!

Writer: Steven Andrew S.

Editor: Elisabeth Grisella S.