Aespa, Big Girls Making Money


    The famous Korean girl group Aespa just released their newest English song titled "Better Things" back in August 2023. The song is part of the album "My World", which was published in May 2023. Since its release, the music video for "Better Things" has received 31 million views and was listed as the second most popular video on YouTube Music Indonesia on Monday. Their work is packed with original ideas, as they stand out in a range of fields. "Better Things" is their second English song after they released the English version of "Life's Too Short" in June 2022. 

    This percussion-assisted dance-pop single has a very catchy bridge: "Aespa, big girls makin' money ​Aespa, you're our number one fan now, you can only see me at our sold-out shows". It implies that Aespa is making money with its shows and that fans can see its success throughout its sold-out shows. As we all know, Aespa is known as one of the most hardworking Korean girl groups. They have fan bases all around the world as well. The bridge in this song also portrays Aespa's hard work and how that led to their successful career. Not only the bridge but the entire lyrics have a very deep and meaningful theme. "Better Things" examines issues of self-confidence, empowerment, and the process of moving on from a bad relationship. 

    Another interesting point to discuss is the unique and elegant cover art for the single "Better Things". The red and pink flowers on the cover imply that Aespa is continually growing bigger than before. The sparkling moon beside the flowers shows that Aespa will keep shining as bright as the moon in the sky. All the elements on the cover art convey to the audience how distinctive Aespa is; they give their best to all of their fans and love them dearly with their hearts. 

    Overall, the entire song is wholesome and features valuable lyrics. Aespa thrives on entertaining and motivates people to always have courage and never give up on themselves. Remember to have self-confidence; with that, you are able to improve contentment and sense of a successful life. If you are trapped in a toxic relationship with someone, keep in mind that leaving someone who isn't fond of you is one of the most courageous actions you can do. Do not let yourself get hurt by others; you need to stand up for yourself and be brave. So, are you ready to be better with Aespa?

Writer: Annisa Nismara
Editor: Septian Paradesa