“My World” by the Girl Group aespa

The Korean girl group aespa just released their newest album titled “My World” on May 8, 2023. It contains 6 different songs that are firmly anchored to the touch of a distinct but pleasing tone. Some of the songs in the album “My World”  gradually build up the tempo, transitioning from cheerful trap-pop with rock undertones to a symphonic conclusion. It's lovely to hear their voices free from the typical production-related bombast. Here are three reasons why you should listen to their newest album! 

First, they have such amazing vocals! All of the members of aespa have unique voices. They poured their beautiful vocals into the album, and the verses included a harmonious and whimsical upper range. Although its own instrument is fascinating, the members’ voices are explosive and beg for your full attention. Especially in one of their tracks, “Thirsty,” their vocals perfectly fit together, and their voices occasionally have a way of hypnotizing you. As the lyrics go, “Sip sip sipping all night, more deep deep deep in all night.” How is it possible to not be thirsty for aespa's vocals? 

Second, all the tracks in their newest album are all unskippable. The girl group aespa is known for their fascinating music concept, and now they are bringing it back to the table with six different songs full of unique music genres. Most of aespa’s music concepts are distinguished by a smooth blending of numerous genres, mixing pop, electronic, and hip-hop components. aespa's immersive and futuristic concept is further strengthened by the eclectic blend of sounds that together form their distinctive auditory identity. Just like one of their song tracks called “Spicy,” the song is known for its peppy, energizing sound that combines pop and hip-hop elements.

And the last one, the songs have beautiful messages and appealing harmony. Most of the lyrics of their song tracks portray a self-assured and energizing message, with aespa exhibiting the desire to stand out and attract their audience. The song has become popular among fans thanks to its catchy melody and exciting dance. What are you still holding out for? Go check out their newest album and be prepared for their next-level songs!

Writer: Annisa Nismara

Editor: Arinda Risma W