The Similarities Between the Premises of ‘Empress Cesia Wears Knickerbockers’ and ‘The Ascendance of a Bookworm.’


        Without realizing it, we tend to take a lot of things in our everyday life for granted. For example, take a look at the comfortable clothes that only take a few minutes to wear and the paper that you use to take notes. What would you do if you suddenly reincarnated into a world where clothes are impractical and papers aren’t accessible to everyone? Well, starting a revolution that changes the entirety of the social system wouldn’t be the first thing that comes into our mind, at least not me. The case is different for these two genius young girls, Yuri and Myne. Yuri is a girl from a webtoon series called ‘Empress Cesia Wears Knickerbockers,’ and Myne is from an anime called ‘The Ascendance of a Bookworm.’ There are several similar premises between these two franchises. 

         The first similar premise between these two franchises is the plot. It’s about young women in their 20s that died and got reincarnated as a kid into a world where knowledge and technology aren’t that advanced. If it’s being compared to the real world, it would be around the medieval time. Yuri died in a car accident because she was stressed about her job as a designer, while Myne died being buried by books at the library in an Earthquake accident. The main story of these two franchises is that they want to make something that they love and end up changing the whole social structure through their creations. They want everyone to have access to their creations—clothes that are free and practical for everyone and books that are accessible to everyone.

        They also have to start from scratch and make big sacrifices. They both get reincarnated into a poor family, so they really have a rough start. Yuri had to travel to another city to convince every tailor that she had a unique tailoring technique that would change the clothes industry, while Myne had to convince everyone that she could make a paper from plants so that she could get a funder while fighting her disease. After finally being able to convince someone, Yuri had to give up her identity as a girl and pretend to be a boy ever since. This has to be done because in the world where Yuri lives, women are seen as incompetent, and as a merchant, the only way to make her name big is to disguise herself as a boy. Giving up her identity and pretending for probably her entire life is definitely a big deal. A similar thing happened with Myne. She has to work for the church as a Priest to gain a connection with the nobles and to cure her disease that can only be cured by the magic tools that are only available at the church. 

        Next, they started a revolution with the things that they were creating. Myne and Yuri share the same traits that are goal-oriented with high ambitions but can’t help to see injustice. Yuri changed the world with clothes, and Myne changed the world with books. Yuri’s creation in clothes changed the stigma that women have to wear suffocating corsets to be pretty, considering corsets can be really dangerous for internal organs. Yuri also changed the stigma that only men could wear pants by using the Queen as a model to set the trend. In short, Yuri is fighting the patriarchy with clothes. While with books, Myne fights the Nobility Hierarchy where books aren’t accessible for commoners by making a Gutenberg’s style of press printing to produce books massively all at once. This changed the social structure where commoners now have access to books and are able to increase their literacy.

        Yuri and Myne’s journey isn’t easy and full of hardships. However, they both are able to turn these hardships into opportunities that only make them stronger and closer to their dreams. We can learn a lot from these two genius and brave girls. Although life is hard and it seems impossible to get through, we have to keep on fighting. Someday, we will see that we’ve become stronger than we’ve ever been before.

Writer: Steven Andrew S.
Editor: Elisabeth Grisella S.