RICE 2022: Hands in Diversity

It hasn’t been a month since Ramadan. It feels like this Ramadan went so fast that I didn’t realize it had ended already. Like everything in life, this Ramadan too felt so different from our previous one. Perhaps it was because we lost someone, met someone, or went through it alone. Many things can happen in only a year, right? But, there is one thing that always reminds me of Ramadan: that Ramadan is the month full of kindness and love. So many good things happened in this Ramadan, and one of them was EDSA’s annual agenda: Ramadan in Charity with EDSA (RICE)! 

Yes! Like the previous years, this year EDSA had also held RICE! The event was held in an orphanage named Ashabul Kahfi, Mulyosari on 24 April 2022 with Hands in Diversity as the theme. Through this theme, the team wanted to show the world how diverse Indonesia is, especially in colors. But, despite the diversity, we still manage to unite as one through sharing, because sharing is caring, right?

The donation collected was a lot! The team managed to collect 8 boxes full of clothes and some basic foods (sembako) that were given to two different orphanages for the clothes and the orphanage mentioned for the basic foods. So, they were two orphanages in total, but the focus was only one: Ashabul Kahfi. Besides that, they also shared 15 ta’jil to other people who were in need around there. Wasn’t that great? To be able to share and help people?

Besides sharing material properties, the team also shared their knowledge by teaching the orphan kids about languages (English and Javanese) and about Indonesian traditional games. Seemed really fun, right?

This event wouldn’t be able to go smoothly without EDSA's enthusiasm. Gusti Bazilia, as the project officer,was really truly grateful for everyone who has donated and participated in RICE 2022. 

To end this article, I will end it by delivering Gusti’s answer to the question I asked: How does it feel to be part of this event? What can you learn from this? What do you want to tell the world through this event?

I feel grateful to have the opportunity to be a project officer. This is my first event as a leader, of course I learn a lot of things from here. I know more people, various way of people leading their team, even how people respond to our plans and how to deal with it. I spent lots of precious time with my team and kids in the orphanage. I hope that RICE can still be carried out in the following years, even though Ramadan will happen twice a year (someday). May goodness always have a chance to be spread.

May goodness always have a chance to be spread, indeed! Remember to always spread love and be kind! See you on RICE 2023!

p.s. you can also watch the after movie here!

Writer: Marsha Almira

Editor: Andrrea Zelina