Shakesperior 2021: Royal Carnival

In 2021, the Department of English Language and Literature Universitas Airlangga entered its 32nd year. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the English Department Student’s Association held a series of events called Shakesperior. These events aim to build close and harmonious relationships for all EDSA UNAIR academics and be a fun learning platform for high school students. 

This year, Shakesperior is back with the theme “Royal Carnival.” The events involved are divided into two categories, external and internal. The target participants for internal affairs are EDSA UNAIR students from all batches. The competition activities offered are EDSALEAGUE and Royal Arcades. Royal Arcade includes Trivia Quiz, Whisper Challenge, Undercover Mr. White, and Suspicious held through Gartic.

Another important Shakesperior’s internal yearly event is called Rap Session.  It is an open forum for everyone from EDSA, including lecturers and academic officers. In Rap Session, everyone is welcome to give their appreciation or criticism to the lecturers and discuss their problems in hopes of finding a solution and improving the quality for the future. The students can submit their problems through a form anonymously if they want to protect their privacy or express their feelings live in the Zoom Meeting.

As for the external events are targeted at high school students throughout East Java, and the competitions provided are English Olympic and Spelling Bee. The final round was held offline with strict health protocols in our faculty’s building.

We are looking forward to your participation in next year’s event. Last but not least, Happy 32nd Birthday, EDSA! See you on the next Shakesperior.

EDSA, it’s our home.

Writer: Amalia Prameswari
Editor: Hasna F