Set Your Goal with EFS!

Do you still feel unfit to join one of four communities we’ve reported so far? No worries, we still have one left. It’s EFS or EDSA Futsal Society. From the name, we know that this is a community specially designed for you who are passionate to play and grow your talent in football. Here, you’ll learn more about EFS’s activities and programs.

In EFS, you’ll do many exciting activities related to football, such as sparring with other majors and faculties. With these opportunities, you’ll meet competitors who will challenge your skill, get to play with supportive friends, and gain valuable experience. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, EFS cannot hold many activities according to their plan.

Similar to ED-G, EFS is a new community that still stretches out its wings. They won’t hold any big events compared to other communities in a short period ahead but, as you can expect, they’re currently planning for them. EFS's goal is to make sparring events more competitive by collaborating with other universities and communities.

If you have the eager desire to start playing football, or already have the skill, and wish to grow your potential, EFS is the right community for you. Follow @efs_edsa on Instagram so you won’t miss their new updates and announcements.

“EFS is more than a hobby or a game. It is about fair play, supportiveness, and solidarity in the field.”

-          Hendy, Member and Chief of EFS.