Back Pain and How It Affects Our Lives

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I'm sure that most of us have been told, at least once in our lives, that we should stand up straight, and as much as we hate it, it's true. We have to sit up straight. 

The posture itself is the position in which you hold your body when standing or sitting. Just like how there is no perfect body, there is no perfect posture. Good posture is not just about looking taller. It is when your muscles, ligaments, and joints are aligned so it helps to maintain your balance. By holding your body the right way, you can prevent injuries and those back pain that come after 3-hour classes. Here is what might happen when you have a poor posture:

Back Pain

This is one of the most common effects of poor posture. Poor posture puts unwanted tension on your upper and lower back. Over time, these tensions can cause pains.

Digestive problems

Slouching can trigger acid reflux. It puts pressure on your abdomen and forces the stomach acid to move in the wrong direction.

Bad posture is unfortunately very common. Besides the effects mentioned above, bad posture can also affect our self-confidence and general well-being. Here are some small habits you might want to try to help you improve your posture over time:

  • Stay active

Any type of exercise should be helpful to improve your posture. This activity is important since we, students spend a lot of time sitting in the same position for a prolonged time.

  • Reconsider your shoe choice

Prevent yourselves from wearing heels for a long time or opt to wear shoes with good arch support. Heels move the pressure in your feet forward, which can easily cause back pain. 

  • Adjust your environment

Adjusting your environment to support your movement will greatly improve your posture. Try modifying your screen's height until it's at your eye level. Also, use a chair that could fully support your arms and lumbar.

  • Use earphones to receive phone calls

It can help to prevent your body from leaning to one side too much.

With practice, you can improve your posture. However, we're not health experts. So, if you're very concerned about your posture, please do consult to your physical therapist. Stay happy and healthy, EDSA folks!

Writer: Amalia Prameswari

Editor: Wahyuningtyas