Internships at Shopee: What You Should Know

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Shopee is a multinational e-commerce giant from Singapore. Phone cases, groceries, cat food, refrigerator, and fancy ceramics, you name it, they have it. As the current number #1 app with the highest average monthly active users in the shopping category (Indonesia), there are lots of people who wish to work here. On Monday, June 21st, 2021, EDSA UNAIR held a webinar with Shopee Indonesia. Speaker Alvia Anjani, who comes from the Shopee HR team, shared her insights on careers at Shopee and what it takes to work for them!

shopee webinar

Currently, the tech giant operates in 8 countries, with Indonesia as its current largest market. If you're interested to start your career at Shopee, they offer young talent programs, which give junior students and fresh graduates the experience to do internships at this e-commerce. 

Shopee Apprentice Program

Shopee Apprentice Program targets junior students. It is designed to equip you with strong professional skills and develop you into a leader. Applications are open in December with flexible intake between May - December.

“Shopee Apprentice Program is more curated than your usual internships because you’re going to jump into some impactful projects. You won’t be given BAU projects (Business as Usual) but more on impactful projects.” -Alvia

Global Leaders Program

This program offers internships for fresh grads/final semester students. GLP is a 2-year graduate program consists of local and overseas rotations designed to fast track outstanding young talents. Applications are open in June & December, with intake in July and November.

'This is actually a very special program for you because GLP is the most sought after from all of the hiring processes in Shopee due to its good programs’ 

Interested in these programs? Here are the qualities they look for when hiring!

Critical thinkers

Shopee looks for those who have the capabilities to think clearly and rationally; people who can understand logical connections between ideas because they will always have to find a way to improve the existing system.


‘Highly motivated individuals who have belongingness with their job’ Shopee looks for those who are internally motivated and have the drive to succeed.

Passionate Individuals

‘Optimistic individuals who have strong goals, love and enjoy what they do’ Shopee looks for those who have strong feelings or strong beliefs about something.

High Performers

Individuals who are not only able to finish their projects but also deliver excellent results. They exceed the expectations and have a track record of getting done the difficult task.


Last but not least, Shopee looks for those who have high leadership potentials; individuals who can set decisions; those who know who they are, what they want, and how to execute their goals.

If you’re looking forward to building a career in the startup world, you should start to hone those skills mentioned above. You can learn them through joining organizations, events, or workshops. However, those skills are also crucial to every profession you’re going to take. Prepare yourself from now and develop yourself well as an investment for the future.

Writer: Amalia Prameswari

Editor: Wahyuningtyas