Pimples are Fine

“How do you get that decoration?”

“Hi, do you need a beauty specialist?”

“Have you searched for some tips to treat your pimples?”

“Cover your acne scars, please.

Have you ever experienced these moments? How will you respond to that? 

Basically, acne is a condition of inflammatory skin that appears not only on the facial area but also on shoulders, back, neck, chest, and upper hands. People who are not going through this normal phase of life, which happens in almost all adolescents, can show up critically by making hurtful comments, calling the fighters 'ugly' or not 'aware' of their face, cutting off from acne fighters, etc. Kind of like throwing comments on people’s struggles every day. You may easily be triggered by a selective topic about pimples, feel uneasy to go anywhere, and also feel isolated by your own boundaries. 

One time, I attended a beauty seminar which was held on campus, and bizarre things came up when the ambassador at one local beauty product subjected girls by giving a speech like, “When I describe gorgeous women, they will only have clear skin, fair skin tone, and glowing aura from within.” Then, I was like, “She is the ambassador of the product. It means she is willing to promote beauty by accepting all conditions, not only doing her job for the brand." After that moment, I decided that I won’t attend any beauty seminars in the future. That situation brings me down. Moreover, this thing links to depression and anxiety. 

Depression and anxiety circle of acne survivors 

I know that acne fighters out there are striving so hard to recover. When we walk to class, people focus on our pimples. When we discuss the topic our lecturers have given to us, the member of the group denotes an off-putting look. Sometimes, they don’t know how stressed we are to get back to normal. Acne can affect more than your skin; it also affects your entire life. You fill your head with negative images based on people we know. Your family and friends may not fully understand how acne puts bigger influences on self-esteem. Whether a tiny one spot acne or a face full of acne, it makes us less confident about ourselves.  

All night looking for best product

We are searching for the best products to heal acne and its scars; to remain a subtle structure to post-healing acne. We do exercise, drink a lot of water, eat healthy food, wash our face after outdoor activity, and many other things. Skincare is the set of practices that we use to get rid of acne. The products may be different based on consumers’ skin type, skin condition, and skin concern. There are thousands of brands that focus on healing consumers’ problems. From local brands to Korean brands, drugstores to high-end brands, we can simply buy and use it. However, people out there often forget about the breakout and purging which shows the products are good, or signaling to change them. Some products show their best result on certain consumers, nevertheless on other people, they don’t  work out well. 

Consistent routine is the key

A consistent skincare routine will not keep breakouts from coming after consumers try the products they believe can be effective. Breakouts can be caused by a variety of factors, including internal gut health, stress, and the different types of tap water we use at home. 

In fact, a rigid routine can be harmful in the long run because the weather can change. You may experience unexpected stress, or your skin may simply stop responding to all changes. When this condition occurs, your routine must be adjusted.

About the acne campaign

"Acne, Unfiltered" The Peace Out Skincare Campaign (Source: Shortyawards Blog)

The Peace Out skincare launched their new Acne Serum as the positivity movement so that we can celebrate all skin types, uneven skin textures, and concerns. They are striving to make a change and make peace about their skin problems.  

It’s not meant to promote the 'worst' skin conditions, but at least, we know we need to change to be a better version of ourselves. We just wanna feel okay and normal to have all problems. If someone criticizes you, it’s them who are the problem. Let acne survivors encourage you all the hard way to get healed, let them be free of hatred comments, let them be who they are, and let them express what they feel through their efforts. It is okay to have acne, but it’s not okay to hate them. Stop covering your pimples by thickening concealers. Unveil your pimples, and let your skin breathe.  

Writer: Firly Nur Aliifah
Editor: Wahyuningtyas