Rise by Giving: RICE 2021

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Airlangga University English Department Student Association held the yearly agenda of Ramadan in Charity with EDSA (RICE). This activity was held in Kampung 1001 Malam on Saturday, May 1, 2021. 

The theme carried by RICE this year is 'Sharing is Giving Without Losing,' which holds the meaning that by sharing, we will not feel deprived of wealth, but instead, we will get a very valuable experience as we have shared meaningful things with others. The participants of this activity are the residents of Kampung 1001 Malam, consisting of 20 children and 50 widows, and the elderly.  

baksos sastra inggris unair

Donations collected were distributed in the form of food relief for those 50 residents. We also shared knowledge with 20 kids about basic English conversation skills and vocabulary using a fun learning method. There are also 60 books collected through donations which are donated to the Kampung 1001 Malam library.

perpustakaan kampung 1001 malam

Kampung 1001 Malam itself is a small settlement in Krembangan district, Surabaya. Isolated under Dupak-Gresik highway, you'll have to walk under the toll's bridge without lights first before reaching it. In fact, it is why Kampung 1001 Malam earned its name.

perumahan kampung 1001 malam

With this year's happiness, we hope to be able to hold RICE again in the following years. See you on RICE 2022!

Writer: Amalia Prameswari

Editor: Hasna F